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Transcription process

Joseph January 18, 2021

Get a rough transcription by uploading a video with the audio to transcribe into YouTube. Wait until YouTube processes the audio of the video and produces an automatic speech recognition software. Note: [The resulting transcription will be more accurate if the audio recording is in English].

Download the transcript from YouTube without temporal marks and load it into MAXQDA. Remove spaces and brake lines before uploading the transcription into MAXQDA.

Listen to the recording while reading the transcript in order to:

  • Separate what is said by each participant.
  • Improve the spelling, complete missing parts, and add punctuation marks.
  • Add temporal marks that relate to what is said with the audio file. MAXQDA has timestamps that could be used for this separation.

Improve the transcript to satisfy the transcription rules presented in Section3.
Listen to the recording while reading the transcript to make sure the text accurately reflects the words and meaning of the original audio.